Rally Round is no longer running international car rallies or driving adventures, a decision has been prompted mainly by the situation of the global pandemic but also it is time to enjoy my fabulous family and home life with my husband David to the full.

I would like to thank the amazing people who I have had the pleasure to work with both in the office, (Nikki, Heidi, Jayne and especially Sandy), and on the road (Dr John Llewellyn, Dick Last, Gary Pickard, Gary Oliver, Joshua Hornsby, David Ellison, Simon Clooney, Mac Bierowiec, Mac Mackenney, Rob Beaumont, Simon Ayris, Andy Ackman, Dean Staples, Steve Holland, Charlie McGowan, Pepe,  Martin Crosta, Fiona Easterby, Jacqui Quinan and Andrea Seed).

Thanks to the many people involved with road book production, route surveying and competition on the event (Peter Rushforth, John Bayliss, Kim Bannister, and Fred Bent) and some fabulous marshal teams (Tony and Chris Newman, David and Wendy Brown, Baz and Daniele Green, Lee and Sue Vincent, George and Liz Mullins, Kevin and Steve Blackmore), and of course some truly exceptional in-country agents, Chimmy from Bhutan, Megumi from Japan and Lisa Lee and Tom from China. The success of these events was due to the wonderful team effort, often commented on by you the participants.

Over the years, the team and I have had the pleasure in supporting some simply terrific people. These participants have been, down to earth and always gentlemanly in their manners, enthusiastic and adventurous, at times very brave, great fun and encouraging, always making the most of everyday. Thank you for being such good sports and making these events, in some incredible destinations, come alive as that was what it was all about. Shared passion for old cars, travel and a bit of adventurous fun.

Finally, I wish you all many more driving adventures when the world returns to its new normal.

Thank you and very best wishes,

Liz Wenman