Spares and Equipment - Rally Round


“It is not always possible to be the best, but it is always possible to improve your own performance”

A practical guide

Spares and tools add weight, placing extra strain on the car, increasing fuel consumption and sapping performance, so don’t pack things you can easily find on route or tools you can’t use at the roadside; our support mechanics are well equipped, although they probably won’t have very specialist tools that are unique to your vehicle. Without leaving obviously valuable items in open view, pack equipment in transparent boxes if possible. It not only makes things easier to find, but avoids in-depth probing by inquisitive Customs officials.

Below is a list of items that might be carried on a long-distance endurance rally, many of which may be omitted on shorter events. The list is for guidance only but may be copied/printed as a preparation checklist, as a reminder of where items are stored and/or to record the value of contents shipped with the car, which may be required at Customs.

Most of the items on this list may be ordered online from our partners, Holden Vintage & Classic ( You should also refer to national regulations (usually available online) to ensure you have everything required by law in the countries you are visiting. Most of the things on this list may be ordered online from our partners, Holden Vintage & Classic(click on an item to visit the relevant section of their website).

  • Clutch cable and fittings
  • Clutch plate and release bearing
  • Master/slave cylinder rubbers
  • Prop-shaft joints
  • Half-shaft and joints
  • Drive chain(s)
  • Speedometer cable and fittings
  • Tripmeter cables and sensor
  • Wheel rims, tyres (two)
  • Inner tubes
  • Front and rear wheel bearings, studs, nuts
  • Track rod ends
  • Suspension bushes, fittings
  • Front & rear dampers (or inserts)
  • Snow chains/socks (if necessary)
  • Navigation Kit(maps, magnifier, pencils & eraser, pens, highlighters, clipboard/bulldog clips, stationery, clear plastic map cover)
  • Range of tripmeter cogs (if using Halda), or spare sensor (if electronic) plus operating instructions
  • Stopwatches
  • Car compass(adjustable, boat type)
  • Rally plates (if supplied) and fixings(eg cable ties, double-sided tape / Velcro)
  • Rally documents (as issued, including Regulations)
  • Vehicle documents (registration, insurance, contents list / Customs valuation)
  • Personal and travel documents for all crew (driving licences, passports, travel / medical insurance documents, plus copies)
  • Money
  • Personal effects/luggage (all crew)
  • Hat, gloves and goggles (for open cars), waterproof clothing
  • Waterproof bags
  • Small umbrella
  • Mains electricity travel adapter plug (for all countries en route)
  • Phone, tablet, camera, binoculars, plus chargers and in-car adaptors
  • Alarm clock
  • Phrase book(s)
  • Mascots, lucky charms (etc)

For Customs reference, print this list, tick the items carried and complete the following details: