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The Paris-Vienna Rally

13-18 June 2016


An exciting summer rally inspired by the great race of 1902

Why Paris - Vienna?

Click here to download the event brochure

Click here to download the route recce report

Following the success of our 2013 and 2014 Paris-Madrid rallies, on which period-dressed crews completed the course of the infamous, unfinished Paris-Madrid road race of 1903, Rally Round conceived a spectacular new summer event for vintage and classic cars – the 2016 Paris-Vienna Rally.

Again inspired by the heroic pioneers of early motorsport, the rally was a regularity competition in the spirit of the original Paris-Vienna race of 1902, an epic, 559-mile (900km) contest that included a daunting crossing of the Austrian Alps. That competition was narrowly won by Marcel Renault on a lightweight 16hp Type K machine (pictured above, centre) less than 15 minutes ahead of Henri Farman’s 70hp Panhard (pictured at the bottom of this page, along with an account of the race by motorsport historian Doug Nye). Arguably the greatest motor race in history, Paris-Vienna was not only a thrilling contest in its own right but also prompted major advances in automobile design and technology as manufacturers sought to improve power-to-weight ratios and hence reliability over dreadful terrain.

Although the roads between the beautiful French and Austrian Capitals are in better condition today, our route included plenty of thrilling and genuinely challenging sections for rally experts and novices alike. The five-day itinerary was as follows: Fontainebleau to Gerardmer, Gerardmer to Lindau, Lindau to Saalfelden, Saalfelden to Pichlarn, Pichlarn to Baden bei Wein.
With 60 crews representing 15 countries and cars ranging in age from 1905 to 1969, the event was certainly spectacular. Clerk of the Course Fred Bent’s 2000km route was as varied as the weather, and competitors fully deserved the cheers and Champagne as they crossed the finish line at the Wipeout Festival of rock’n’roll music in Baden’s pretty Kurpark. This was followed by a splendid black-tie gala dinner and prizegiving at the Schlosshotel Weikersdorf, where all agreed that the phenomenal efforts made by some crews to reach the finish – often in difficult conditions – was a worthy tribute to the original Paris-Vienna racers of 1902. For an overview of the route we followed you may downoad the brochure and recce report via the links above, and for an account of the rally as it happened you watch the video and read the blog via the links below. Also below you will find a list of award winners and the final results, with links to day-by-day details in PDF or XLS formats.

Rally Round Logo Blue
Rally Round Logo Blue

Results & Award Winners

Scroll down to see the final results summary. For detailed daily results in PDF format click here, or for XLS (spreadsheet) format, click here.


The Charles Jarrott Trophy (Veteran and Vintage Categories only)
Robert Abrey & Jane Abrey – 1929 Bentley 6.5
Class 1 – Veteran Category (pre-1919)
1st: Peter Roberts & Colin Beasley – 1905 Bianchi Speedster
Class 2 – Vintage Category (1919-1940) up to 2500cc
1st: Gerd Buhler & Birgit Deymann-Buhler -1938 BMW 328
2nd: Nicholas Phillips & Barbara Phillips – 1932 Alvis Speed 20
Class 3 – Vintage 2500-4000cc
1st: Keith Graham and Susan Hoffman – 1935 Bentley Derby VDP
2nd: Michael O’Shea & Clive Venning – 1938 SS Jaguar MkIV
Class 4 – Vintage over 4000cc
1st: Albert de Mey and Nicolas Leonard – 1927 Bentley Tourer
2nd: Andrew Bailey & Philippa Spiller – 1928 Bentley 3/4.5
3rd: David Little & Julia Little – 1930 Bentley 4.5
Highest Placed in the Classic Category (of a type in production between 1945 and 1969)
Irvine Laidlaw & Tony Davies – 1969 Jaguar E-Type Roadster
Class 5 – Classic up to 2400cc
1st: David Alderson & Dennis Greenslade – 1967 Volvo 123 GT Amazon
2nd: Peter Holmes & Graham Clifton – 1959 Volvo PV544 Sport
Class 6 – Classic over 2400cc
1st: Dominic Manser & Jack Manser – 1984 AC Cobra 302
2nd: Jean Steinhauser & Anne Steinhauser-Collard – 1961 Aston Martin DB4
Team Award
Weally Old Team
Andrew Bailey & Philippa Spiller – 1928 Bentley 3/4.5
Robert Abrey & Jane Abrey – 1929 Bentley 6.5
David Little & Julia Little – 1930 Bentley 3.0
Spirit of the Rally Award
Kevin Bennett & Silas Hughes – 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible
NoDriver / Co-DriverCarccCategory / ClassPenaltiesPosition
Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5TotalCatClassO/A
1Peter Roberts / Colin Beasley (GBR/GBR)1905 Bianchi Speedster 50HP7850Veteran 14123584511286187387211139
2David Royds / Natasha Newman (GBR/GBR)1917 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost7428Veteran 123831049969007080DNF44
3John Harrison / Catherine Harrison (GBR/GBR)1917 LaFrance Roadster14500Veteran 161205940678069007080DNF57
4Dominic Manser / Jack Manser (GBR/GBR)1984 AC Cobra 3024700Classic 62181532004562661283313
5Charles Bishop / Nellie Bishop (GBR/GBR)1924 Vauxhall 30-984224Vintage 41316371473111026540DNF48
6Chris Evans / Nick Evans (GBR/GBR)1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost7428Vintage 415465940470369310361044519942
7Jeff Robinson / Glenda Robinson (AUS/AUS)1926 Dodge Brothers Tourer3400Vintage 347736194352859556842616638
8Albert de Mey / Nicolas Leonard (BEL/BEL)1927 Bentley 4.5 Tourer4398Vintage 43317522575131715013110
9John Raker / Melinda Raker (GBR/GBR)1928 Ford Model A3233Vintage 3202608102369007941000718741
10Andrew Bailey / Philippa Spiller (IRL/IRL)1928 Bentley 3/4.54398Vintage 41912423784731715444211
11Charles Graves / Kit Graves (GBR/DNK)1958 Jaguar XK150 Roadster3800Classic 61117222042642815368201535
12Gavin Henderson / Diana Henderson (GBR/GBR)1939 Frazer Nash-BMW 3281971Vintage 2505940234610291363611328
14Tim Wilkinson / Julie Wilkinson (GBR/GBR)2000 Porsche 9113600Touring 737825940678069007080DNF55
15William Brandt / Jo Brandt (USA/USA)1929 Chrysler 75 Le Mans4083Vintage 310585803374469007080DNF51
16Ken Fraser / Jane Fraser (GBR/GBR)1929 Bentley 4.54398Vintage 461205940678069007080DNF57
17Robert Abrey / Jane Abrey (GBR/GBR)1929 Bentley 6.56597Vintage 45813722558829213004
18David Little / Julia Little (GBR/GBR)1930 Bentley 4.54398Vintage 48715632869431915845312
19Harry Jurgens / Shaun Baker (NLD/GBR)1925 Buick Standard Six3127Vintage 331283259474069007080DNF52
20Roland D'leteren / Dominique Gasse (BEL/FRA)1931 Invicta 4.5 S-Type4500Vintage 41351823806748387383712630
21Bob Meijer / Amnon Rafalowicz (NLD/NLD)1931 Bugatti T465359Vintage 4430 1271109831952566904017840
22Nicholas Phillips / Barbara Phillips (GBR/GBR)1932 Alvis Speed 202400Vintage 22401334218928352307210225
23Martin Tacon / Joyce Tacon (HGK/HGK)1933 Aston Martin Le Mans1493Vintage 29916132948017080DNF46
24Arthur Manners / Anne Manners (GBR/GBR)1933 Lagonda M45 T74467Vintage 426329648894477627679523
25Nigel Gambier / Hugo Upton (GBR/GBR)1934 Lagonda 3.0 T72931Vintage 3165013003986321930381319323847
26Mark Seymour / Chris Seaton (GBR/GBR)1934 Lagonda M454467Vintage 47816843593536819846416
27Simon Shaw / Maria Shaw (GBR/GBR)1934 Bentley 4.54600Vintage 461205940678069007080DNF57
28Bernd Dannenmaier / Christiane Dannenmaier (DEU/DEU)1966 Alfa Romeo GT 13001300Classic 53616248369007080DNF49
29Robert Kieffer / Michele Thiry (LUX/LUX)1955 Austin-Healey 100/4 BN22660Classic 61001063125632851366537
30John Burton / Charley-Louise Baines-Burton (GBR/GBR)1935 SS1 Tourer3500Vintage 320658644273044024048321
31Keith Graham / Susan Hoffmann (GBR/GBR)1935 Bentley 3.5 Derby VDP3669Vintage 371542066693181354116
32Melvin Andrews / Peter Clay (USA/GBR)1935 Bentley 3.53669Vintage 34003325416892791600415537
33Mark Robinson / Simon Parfitt (GBR/GBR)1936 Derby Bentley 4.254257Vintage 4370340678069007080DNF50
34Dougie Lawson / David Freeman (GBR/GBR)1936 Lagonda LG45 DHC4467Vintage 46241264685905564404213731
35Gerd Buhler / Birgit Deymann-Buhler (DEU/DEU)1938 BMW 3281971Vintage 225019562052244020277117
36Michael O'Shea / Clive Venning (GBR/RSA)1938 SS Jaguar MkIV3485Vntage 3841812006203431428228
37Simon Mackenzie-Smith / Charles Gooch (GBR/GBR)1950 Jaguar XK1203442Classic 626621456413128273183151026
38Richard Fagan / Sarah Fagan (GBR/GBR)1951 Jaguar XK1203442Classic 643202420678069007080DNF54
39Kate Lawson / Melissa Freeman (GBR/GBR)1954 Jaguar XK1403442Classic 6337407328879387233812720
40Graeme Bennett / Vanessa Bennett (GBR/GBR)1954 Jaguar XK1403442Classic 6219972100110219674660191433
41Mamuka Khazaradze / Nika Khazaradze (GEO/GEO)1954 Jaguar XK1403800Classic 63091594040251522112412901221645
42Julian Riley / Sara Riley (GBR/GBR)1960 Triumph TR3A2198Classic 56220619584135016547313
43Jean Steinhauser / Anne Steinhauser-Collard (LUX/LUX)1961 Aston Martin DB4 3760Classic 6621442225313901349425
45John Bond-Smith / Thelma Bond-Smith (GBR/GBR)1956 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud4900Classic 643205940678069007080DNF56
47Peter Holmes / Graham Clifton (GBR/GBR)1959 Volvo PV5441796Classic 5591792576643411500629
48James Fenner / Katja Fenner (GBR/GBR)1960 Porsche 356B T51600Classic 596303402851432208410418
49Ian Strang / Julie Strang (GBR/GBR)1960 Porsche 356B T5 Roadster1600Classic 529064706361056511557921536
50Jan Woien / Jan Erik Hansen (NOR/NOR)1962 Maserati 3500 GT3485Classic 67319432233007080DNF43
51Michael Feichtinger / Kurt Schimitzek (AUT/AUT)1963 Porsche 356B T6 Carrera 21966Classic 5735940678069007080DNF53
52Mike Chilman / Sally Chilman (GBR/GBR)1964 Austin-Healey 3000 MkIII2912Classic 67648004098559333761171229
53Stephen Duckworth / Vanessa Duckworth (GBR/GBR)1965 Jaguar Mk23442Classic 661205940678069007080DNF57
54Kevin Bennett / Silas Hughes (USA/USA)1965 Ford Mustang 200 Convertible3277Classic 6225231150911013734546181332
55James Mitchell / Anya Jackel (GBR/GBR)1965 Jaguar E-Type FHC4200Classic 533414524757735816618414
56Tom Hayes / Frank Donagh (IRL/USA)1965 Ford Mustang 2894700Classic 62943233741095513259913822
57Richard Squire / Isobel Squire (GBR/GBR)1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT3504700Classic 6125188246717866214211619
58Michael Eatough / Peter Godwin (GBR/GBR)1966 Mercedes-Benz 230S Fintail2800Classic 640316833072334319679515
59David Alderson / Dennis Greenslade (GBR/GBR)1967 Volvo Amazon 123GT1986Classic 5451142515263141250212
60Petr Uhlir / Petr Kejdus (CZE/CZE)1967 Jaguar Mk23442Classic 6550428416821810302514924
61Michael Kershaw / Marlies Kershaw (GBR/GBR)1969 MGC GT2912Classic 68882745307967473235161127
62Irvine Laidlaw / Tony Davies (GBR/GBR)1967 Jaguar E-Type DHC4235Classic 61010716642826998011
63Alastair Caldwell / Laurel Smith (GBR/USA)1938 Alfa Romeo 6C SS Torpedino2600Vintage 3343713284602604523714434

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